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Atelierhaus Beisinghoff

Hans Peter Wollmann: Film Internationaler Waldkunstpfad 2020 with two of my Canopies2020 Wald-Canopy und Messel-Canopy

February 21st-23rd, 2020, Participation in ABZ (Artists Books and Zines) Fair Booklyn, Greenwich Village NYC. Booth neighbor Ruth Lingren, Pace Editions

Artists Book presentation in Vassar College NY

Filme von Hans Sachsse, bearbeitet von Hans-Peter Wollmann: Installation in Darmstadt und Dreieich und Präsentation des Künstlerbuchs über Goethes Farbenlehre Wörtersee 
Wenn Farben verrückt werden

Januar 2020 silk-screen-residency in Women‘s Studio Workshop, NY. Mit Erin Zona und Chris Petrone Besuch im Buchbindeatelier bei Hedi Kyle in den Catskill Mountains.

Barbara Beisinghoff, Lecture „Gintaras, POETREE and a canopy for Jonas Mekas”, artist’s books, watermarks and public art." Matthias Sonn, the Ambassador of Germany in Lithuania took part. 25th of October 2019 at 2 pm in the Graphic Art Department, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Classroom No. 321,  Malunu Str. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania
Seit 2018 In-between-Ausstellungen mit Tana Kellner und Tara Sabharwal in Frankfurt (Ausstellungsraum Eulengasse), Kassel ( Kunstbalkon); in Indien (Gallery Art Alive, New Delhi) und USA (Women‘s Studio Workshop, NY; Kansas City; Constellation Studios, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Atelierhaus Beisinghoff, Warburger Weg 20, 34474 Diemelstadt Rhoden
Anreise per Bahn über Warburg (Westfalen). Die nächsten Flughäfen sind Paderborn oder Frankfurt (Main). Informationen zu Taxi und Flughafentransfers bietet BetterTaxi
Paper/Print, Exhibition in New York City, American Hand Papermaking , 1960s to Today, Curated by Susan Gosin and Mina Takahashi, April to June, 2018. This focused exhibition is the first to trace the American hand-papermaking revolution as an outgrowth of the printmaking renaissance. Artists: Polly Apfelbaum, Barbara Beisinghoff, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Robert Blackburn, Louise Bourgeois, Chuck Close, Helen Frankenthaler, David Hockney, Tatana Kellner, Ellsworth Kelly,  William Kentridge, Robert Motherwell, Louise Nevelson, Kenneth Noland, Robert Rauschenberg,  Larry Rivers, Edward Ruscha, Kiki Smith and Frank Stella

From July 12 to August 2019 sixteen international printing artists worked in Atelierhaus Beisinghoff: July 2019 Amira Pualwan Amira Pualwan
July August 2019 Jennifer Scheuer
August 2018: Soghra Khurasani is an artist from Vadodara, India. Khurasani holds a Bachelors Degree in Painting from Andhra University, and a Masters of Visual Arts degree from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara. She is the recipient of the 56th National Academy Award at Lalit Kala Akademi, Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi (2015) and the Kala Sakshi Memorial Trust Award, New Delhi (2009). She and her husband Shaik are currently building a Print studio in Vadodara. Khurasani's prints vibrate with the force of her incisions. Fields of scars and cuts suggest mountains and valleys of lacerated flesh. Her SKIN prints try to express “what we are behind our skins”. During the Beisinghoff residency Soghra worked in copper etching and tried to compare and explore Germany with its history, war and how it moved from it  with her country India which has developed a lot after independence, but at present is facing religious intolerance, lacking freedom of speech, insecurity to women and mob killings in name of cows. In her presentation Soghra shared her works and thoughts as IN YOUR COUNTRY- IN MY COUNTRY. soghra-khurasanis-art-pushes-us-to-see-beyond-skin
July 2018: Roxanne Sexauer has both BFA and MFA degrees in Printmaking. She studied first with Mauricio Lasansky at the University of Iowa and later at the State University of New York at Purchase, with Antonio Frasconi. She is a Full Professor, having been on the faculty at California State University, Long Beach since 1989, and teaches Relief, Etching, The Survey of Printmaking, Advanced Printmaking, and The History of Prints and Drawings.“My unrelenting and over-riding progression is towards devotion and long, serious work on a woodcut matrix. The major evolutionary change has been in my method of both drawing on and cutting the blocks. If anything, that method has become more obsessively complex and compulsive with the passage of time. In a strange way, the technical limitations of using simple gouges and veiners have actually enriched the medium for me. My authentic voice has to do with the connection between the mark of the hand in this specific medium, driven by a meditation on memory, place and temporality.” Roxanne Sexauer Roxanne at Atelierhaus Beisinghoff

August 2017: Héloise Plamondon-Pagé from Quebec is our 12. artist in residence. She wrote: "April and May 2018, I participated in an artist residency at the Banff Center of Arts and Creativity, in Alberta (Canada). I used the nature prints I made during my stay in Rhoden to create a large scale installation. To do so, I digitalized all the nature prints I made at the Beisinghoff residency. Then I changed the scale of the plants and screen printed it on geotextile to create a kind of "dreamed forest". . Dreamed Forest vimeo 
Héloise Plamondon-Pagé

July 2017: Tara Sabhawal (New Delhi, New York, London) is our 11. artist in residence. Tara worked on monoprints on the etching press. She gave a presentation in the documenta-town Kassel in the Kunsttempel as a guest from Kunstbalkon. She met friends on the documenta 14.

/ Marianne Dages


Womens Studio Workshop organizes the Jury for our residencies. For each of the last years more than 50 artists applied. We take 2 artists per year.
visit with students from Vassar College in 
July 2016: Cosima Storz from Georgia USA. She worked on wood cut. 
August 2016 our 10. artist in residence Marianne Dages from Philadelphia USA worked in the letter press studio and on the etching press.
2015 Lauren Pakradooni Lauren Pakradooni was here together with Tegan Emerson. Lauren about the Beisinghoff residency: "My experience in your studio and home was deeply influential, working with you gave me insight into the relationship between life and art, finding a way to enjoy your surroundings while focused on an intensive project. The portfolio of monotypes I made in your studio were an important discovery of color, shape, and composition. The finished prints and experiments informed a shift in the way I work, including new technical practises as well as concepts in my imagery. Your studio is equipped with materials and tools that are professional and well maintained and are able to accommodate a variety of printmaking processes and techniques. A vertical etching tank would be an excellent addition, which would require less maintenance and have more predictable results. A vertical etch tank with edinburgh etch is more safe and contained, less hazardous to people and the environment." August 2015: Lauren Pakradooni made monoprints and gave a sound performance.
Lauren (2018) about the ruins in Kassel, Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe: "My work has continued to reference the idea of the ruin, through installations of sculptures that suggest small fragments and elements of larger structures. The installation resembles something between the archelogical dig site or a construction site, suggesting either things are about to come together or have fallen apart. The word "fake" doesn't really find its way in how I describe my work, I am not trying to emulate or simulate a specific "real" thing. But I am interested in the slippages between these ideas of what constitues the built world. I directly apply paper that I have printed unto the surface of my sculptures, and often reference the positive and negative language of printmaking. ... I have been wanting to locate the work more in the writing of Walter Benjamin, in his thinking of the non-linear nature of history in relationship to Paul Klee's "Angelus Novus"

Gloria Ceballos from Madrid/London our 6. artist in residence meißelt 2015 Hide and Seek in Trittsteine im Verborgenen Garten. Vortrag über Nature, Art and Garden.
August 2013 our 4. artist Paper Buck from California works on his etching triptychon. In summer 2015 Paper came back here with his mother for his solo show in the townhall in Bad Driburg-Dringenberg.

In July 2014 our 5. artist June Yoon from Brooklyn New York was working here on wood cuts. We stayed in contact with her and saw her in NY in 2016.
Atelierhaus Beisinghoff with blooming flax. From  the dew retted flax  I made the artists book "Dew blue".
 Our 3rd artist Rachel Joy rachel joy from Melbourne, Australia, 2013, in the pleasure garden after work was done in the printshop.
The word wandeln is carved into a paving stone of local pink sandstone located on a pathway leading from one of the entry points to the Lustgarten and is intended to be discovered by the viewer. Because the work is set into the ground the viewer must slow down and perhaps even come to a complete stop in order to read and understand the letters.  This slowing of pace is intended to bring the viewer towards a more peaceful and calm experience of the hidden garden.  When pausing to read the viewers must bow their head as if in prayer or reverence; this adds to the feeling that one is entering a special place.  The physical act of bowing in response to wandeln makes the viewer a part of the work itself, in a sense they have been changed by their experience of the work and become part of it.  As an element in the Kunstpfad (art trail) wandeln is an important word because it means not only to walk but also to change or convert and the hope is that people who enter this garden will be changed by their journey through it. 
August 2012: Susan Goethel-Campbell from Detroit, Michigan prints from wood. Instead of black like in Detroit she uses bright colours here.

Toggle Press/ Kniehebelpresse in the Paper Room

July 2012: Amanda Wieczorek from Michigan is our first artist in residence.
formagramma.recollections-amanda-wieczorek She works on etchings and poems.
Warburger Weg 20
34474 Diemelstadt-Rhoden

“The Beisinghoff Printmaking Residency is more than just the opportunity to work in a print studio. It provides an intimate setting that ignites the senses. The large garden outside the studio is a blaze of color by mid-summer while the sound of farm animals mingles with church bells throughout the day.  Nestled in the patchwork geometry of the German countryside, the village of Rhoden is a unique place to create work.  You will also gain a sense of German history and culture from living with the Besinghoffs, two extraordinary people who are dedicated to the arts.” Susan Goethel Campbell
Tauröste als Vorbereitung zur Herstellung von taugeröstetem gehecheltem Flachspapier
Sommer 2012 Flachs am Weg

 Flachs und Mohn, Initialprojekt Lustgarten-Kunstpfad

The printing facilities of the studios at Atelierhouse Beisinghoff on the ground floor:
Painting Studio 25 qm
Archive and Drawing 22 qm
Paper Studio 21 qm 

Press room 45 qm
etching press Plankenhorn for paper 132 x 180 cm
letter press Korrex, Bleischriften Garamond 16°, 20°; Kursiv 16° und 20°; mager kursiv 36° und 48°; Sabon 20°; Bodoni 20°; Futura 10° hf, 16° hf, 36° hf, 48° schmal hf; Legende 60°, Imprimatur kursiv 20°

The Letterpress Studio is in the basement as well as the workshop for etching with iron3 chloride and table for preparation of zink and copperplates. There are only very basic facilities for doing waterjet drawing and dark room/preparation for sunprint.
Barbaras Artist's Books under the label Die gläserne Libelle:  Künstlerbücher

Diemelstadt-Rhoden liegt in Nordhessen.
Anfahrt mit PKW: A 44 zwischen Kassel und Dortmund,Autobahnausfahrt Diemelstadt
Anfahrt per Zug: Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, dann nach Warburg in Westfalen
Bus 515 Warburg nach Diemelstadt-Rhoden

Sanierung des Atelierhauses Architektin Adele Beisinghoff

Radierwerkstatt/etching workshop  

Wasserzeichen Wasserstrahlzeichnung
some of Barbara Beisinghoff's artist' residency projects:
Atelier in Dreieich-Buchschlag von 1977-2011, Rund um das Dreieicher Rathaus 
 Druckkunst grenzenlos in Darmstadt